Saturday, June 23, 2007

Busy Busy summer

WOW end of may i was saying i didnt have anything to do . WEll that has changed BIG TIME .

I have Scrapbooking gatherings now starting july

I took on a small weekend job . LOVE IT

i signed up for boys scout leader and Girl scout leader.

I am going to Ptac (work related) I AM SO EXCITED cant wait.

Doing lessons in month of july .

Going on family vacation .

Celebrating my 7 years of marriage (hoping to go to kemah for the weekend but not sure ) .

BIG ONE CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF LIFE ..............YES GO AHEAD I AM OLD I have gray hair to prove it lol

I am also going to start writing a journal for my 30 birthday ) so my kids will have a journal on me . I already write one for each of them .

I have been DEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPP cleaning cabinets and closets etc. OH WOW on what you find .

Spending LOTS OF time with the kids. We have some things plans but mostly we will be staying home .

Walking the track and cooking healthier.

Working with bailey on his work . He is doing so much better in the last two weeks but he still needs alot more . HE is in the process of going for testing in houston so we are just waiting.

Ok i wont bored ya anymore . Hope ever one is doing well Please keep my friend rubens mom in your prayers , BETH IN NEW YORK I LOVE YA and i will be thinking of you during your time of surgery and recovery . I know you will be just fine.

Well i am closeing i just cooked meatloaf and it was GROSS (DONT LAUGH) i dont know what i did wrong. THink it didnt have enough season or something . Oh well the kids ate with no complaints lololol. SHH DONT TELL THEM MOMMY MESSED UP lol



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