Monday, June 11, 2007

what a summer

YEP its not a summer that i wanted. Things keep coming up and Folks keep asking me to do things with them and i want to do things (DEEEEEEP cleaning etc ) and i cant do nothing . ARGGG Do you ever have one of those days ............Well i feel like i am having a MONTH of it not a day. I keep telling my self GOd wont put more on my plate then he knows what i can handle. But not sure at times. So i am praying and talking to god that this week will be OVER ASAP and i see a light at the end. I know none of this MAKES SENSE to you guys but its MY BLOG RIGHT .lolol Well my savings report is Krogers spent 120.00 Saved 60.00 SO i wrote the check for 60.00 SO ITS 50%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% yayayyya savings. With that said i got free toothpaste, free hotdogs (for kids) free sausage free candY (its not for me ) . Well please keep me in your prayers i am still struggling with a few things i would rather not post on here but its nothing to worry about (for those worry bugs out there) . Please keep Bailey in prayers he will be going to a specialist soon . Nothing bad but i am concern but it will all work out in the wash RIGHT lol Well i must close GOOD NIGHT FRIENDS LOVE JULIET OVER LOOK THE GRAMMER PLEASE

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