Monday, July 07, 2008

Do you have a friend ?

When i ask that i am not asking you just any friend i am asking That special friend. I have one and no matter how low i get or how high i get in they are always there to bring me up or down with laughter, love, caring and just flat out a great friend. This is a friend who i can call and say hey lets go to best buy (they arent big into girly stuff lolol) and they will getup and go . IF i need computer worked on this person is RIGHT THERE. This person knows basically everything about me and more . I have known this person since college and we have always been able to share things together. The person i am refering to is Vinson, He is just a great guy all the way around. He is like a brother i never had, a friend that i can tell anything to a friend i can argue with and i still win (right vinson) . Poor guy came over last week three days in a row and we picked on each so much you could see the horns coming out of his head. But he was a trooper and dealt with me because i was a kid who wanted her LAPTOP NOW and didnt understand why it was taking so long. With all the questions i asked HE never got mad,,,,,,,,,,, he probably was ready to kill me but we are friends if you cant bug each other a little then why be friends. We have shared laughter, death, birth , college days, and more and i will always know i have a friend deep down in my heart that i know i can call FRIEND for life LOVE YOU LOTS JULIET Ps to Vinson ,,, NO i am not going to love war craft after i publish this post lolol

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