Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Savings report july 1


well i started off with two kids that should explain most of my shopping right lol.
Ok so off i go to krogers and i had a 10.00 gift card and a 5.00 dollar coupon and if you bought ten items of things that were on the special you got 3.00 . SO to start shopping i had 18.00 in free money .

I got
6 boxes of betty crocker suddenly salad .50 box
3 pacekts of weber seasining . FREE
lawyers bottle of seasioning .FREE x two
sponges .50
Pert shampoo .49
Bacon Bites x 2 .90
Cattlemans BBQ sauce .25
Oscar Myer hot dogs Buy one get one free (pluse i had a coupon )
Minute Maid Juice in the box they had them for 5/5 well i got four containers and paid only 2.00 which made them .50 a container (its the boxes)
Life savers Buy one and get one free (so i got four)
Country Butter Omega .25
Country Butter regular 1.14

Ok then i bought things i needed and here are my totals

grand total 124.

Free money 18.00
and sales 62.00
and freebies

So i saved 62.00 with their sales and my coupons etc.
so i wrote the check out for 62. and change

I was sooooooooooooooo excited i cut my bill in half and i got things i can use and things i needed and etc and this included NO MEAT besides the hot dogs . Normally when i have meat my bill is high so i budget my meat into my bill before i start with my coupons so i can try and bring down my bill better.

Have a great day i am going to stock my wash room with all this stuff now .

ps 21 MORE DAYS before my birthday HEHEHEH


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