Monday, June 30, 2008


Ok lets just say it wasnt broke we just had trouble getting the router to work . SO now i am chat from any where with my good ole friends and family ................ well most places i can lol.

ITs sooooooooooooooooo different from the big computer though . WEll i hope you are all doing well . I am doing so much better now then i was last week . I wont discuss what happen last week lets just say i was at my last straw and honestly it was scaring me . But with a lots of prayers and support from friends and family i have over come that stone. I am excited for July the fourth . I love watching the kids faces when the fireworks go up and i hear LOOK MOMMY WOW ITS SO PETTTY (karley likes to leave the R out lol) .

Kids are playing hearing the toys moving around on the floor are so good to my ears. Sometimes it doesnt have to be the big things to make you happy . knowing my children are right here playing together and geting ALONG is awesome to me. THey have grown to love each other so much this summer i am loving it . With them doing this i see them helping me more around the house with out complaining. THey are even useing their manners more now.

I just finish washing dishes and now i am playing on my toy lol. I got so much i have to move to this pc its going to take a while . But its worth the wait.
OK closeing hope you all have a great monday .
Living for Christ,

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