Sunday, June 15, 2008


HI there

Well i know its been a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time since i posted here. Thought i would just drop a few lines since i know some still read this crazy thing.

We are all doing so well i can only thank god for keeping us going. HE works in so many ways in our life's some times i just sit back and watch. I had decided a while back i wasn't going to journal online but i have decide i would give it a try again . But i think i will keep this more of a every day type post (things that are open) and keep my personal blogging to my kids journals that i started when they were babies.

I want to shout out to all the father's HAPPY FATHERS DAY. Please give your children's all your attention . That's one thing i will always have a long for My father who isn't with me . SO some times i look up to certain ones who are father figures just to have that feel of love from a father. I love my dad so much and it was a very short 21 years of life with him but i will cherish every minute second and hour and day and year that i had with him. He died with a big heart and so i know he lived a full life. HE will always be in my heart . SO if you are reading this Be strong and be there for your children. I LOVE YOU DAD (RIP )
Happy fathers day to you all and also my father and grandfather

Well i will post again tomorrow or this week i have scouts camp all week .

Love always

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