Saturday, June 21, 2008


HI ,
I come with a sad heart today . One of my friends has passed. I am lost with words. Today i go visit the family and i just pray i have the right words to say . Its so hard to loose someone who is so close. I remember when my father passed its still so fresh to my memory to this day . Sometimes i just sit and say Why lord. i know we aren't suppose to ask why because he has his reasons but some times its so hard. But i know My father is in a special place now and one day i will be there.

Death isn't a easy thing to deal with Most of all of us has been threw it . SO before its too late make sure you say everything to the ones you love and share every minute you can with your loves ones because before you know it the lord will take us and put us in a better place.

have a great weekend


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