Sunday, June 22, 2008

Daily lifes

Hi friends,

Well i was asked to do a eulogy at friend's funeral on wed. I was so honored to say yes but worried i will mess up or dont have the right things to say . But i know in my heart the lord will be with me and that family that day . I know i am not alone when i go to stand up and speak because i have a great lord above who is always with me and you threw our daily lifes.

I cleaned house today and spent alot of time with family and laughing and giggling etc with the kids. its always good to see them laughing and having fun as a family . I hope you were able to spend time with your family this weekend and enjoy the things that the lord gives us in our daily lifes.

As i am closing i want to ask that you go and spend a few mins on what god has done for you in your every day lifes. and share it with those who dont know him as well as you do . You never know when someone you speak too is going to need that chat with ya. We go on our daily lifes but sometimes we dont realize some people are just waiting to talk to someone or needing to reach out to them. RIP LISA O

Love always


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Mrs. Sheila said...

Mrs. Julie, I am so proud of you for standing outside of your comfort zone, and for showing a family the love of the Lord. You will be blessed beyond your belief for standing in the gap. Our daily lives should show the love of the Lord, not only to our families, and the easy ones to love, but those who need it the most! Not only are they going to be blessed, but you will too!