Thursday, August 14, 2008

August is never great


Its a crazy month like it always is around here. This is why

School is starting
camping like crazy
Enjoying family that is from out of town
Excited that chappter 13 IS FINALLY OVER and they owe us (thats the best part) lol

ITs been 13 years since my Forced R*** So every august i get really down and wonder why idiots can get away with things that are wrong. But my outcome has made me a better person but it still hurts.

Prepareing for classroom (i am excited i am having my own class)

lots of scout training etc

So thats the murray chaos in a nut shell
Pleas keep russell in prayers he is trying to get a job with conway which would be almost double to triple pay then what we are gtting now and its also would be over time at times. We so much deserve this after our five year struggle
I will come and post later LOVE YOU ALL

ps i posted pictures on myspace

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