Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What ever !!!

Yes that's how i feel when i hear about folks who are over weight. They fuss about their rolls of fat (remember i was there a year ago ) and say they are doing this and that on their (SO CALLED DIET) or better yet their diet is going to start Tomorrow ................HELLO START IT NOW the sooner the better. GEES i get tired of hearing oh i am watching what i eat etc and then you see them eat a foot long subway etc.. Yes i was there i did the same thing but now if i knew what i know now i wouldn't have had to have surgery i wouldn't be over weight but i was and now i am paying the price.. YOU say HOW you had surgery you should be healthy and happy ... Well i am both but i have sagging boobs, got extra skin, thin hair, i can only eat a very small amount of things or i get sick, i will live on vitamins the rest of my life. and many more issues. The one i have the hardest trouble with is THE MENTAL part.. i find my self wanting to still wear 3x clothing when i am in a small 12 size now i find my self eating things i so shouldn't be eating... i find my self FREEZING to death nowadays every bone in my body aches now (yes i have bones finally ) lol. So guess what i am saying before you do this life changing surgery make sure you know all details. Because some have the surgery and then they fail ..(gain it back) I re fuss to fail after surgery i am going to stay healthy and my children will too . My fat life started when i was a child my family didn't care they cooked and cooked and cooked ..........and i ATE ATE ATE and nobody told me different. I don't want that to happen to my kids.

Ok i am done fussing lol

ON good note

I am still at my doctor's goal ... but i so want to loose the last 25lbs of my goal but i am taking it slow.

Here are a few goals i want to do this year (if they happen great if not no big deal i have a full healthy life to do it another year )

1. Ride a rollarcoaster with my kids
2. Walk for a cure
3. Ride a bike (both kinds)
4.maybe take some college course (still debating)
5. Learn more healthy recipe cooking
6. Do yard work with out dieing (yep being over weight can kill ya when you plant flowers ........or did me )
7 Be a better mom to my sweet kids
8 Bea better friend
9 Stay healthy
10 FIND HAPPINESS AND LOVE (and i will leave that subject like that lol)

Well what are your goals.

Have a blessed day

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