Monday, April 05, 2010


Well on Sunday i decided i WILL go on a MISSION TRIP with my church. I have always dreamed of traveling and seeing the other side. WEll our group is going to Israel to work on a Jerusalem School for 12 days.........yes 12 days ..... I know this is what i am needing to do not only for my self but something i feel very strong about in my life. Well I dont go until Aug 3-14 i have to raise the money so for i have One sponsor and still have to get the deposit done and passport. Plus probably buy a few new clothes as in august over there its 108 plus. YIKES

Please Keep me in your prayers that all this goes well.....OH might want to ask one BIG FAVOR PLEASE PLEASE pray for me for the fact I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A PLANE>>>>>>>>>>>YEP thats what i just said and for me to take a trip that will have me in the air for 15 hours is a bit much BUT MY GOD WONT LET ME DOWN>...

SO between now and then i have alot to do and if this trip goes as well as i know it will I MIGHT go on the AFRICA trip but thats a BIG MAYBE LOLOL

diet well its going my last few days has been CRAZY and i keep falling off the band wagon (if i didnt i wouldnt be a normal person we all fall off ) but I WILL NOT GIVE UP

Love always

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