Sunday, February 27, 2011

3months has been very testing for me

ALOT of you don't know this but 3months ago i felt a lump in my breast. Well i had one already on the other side and its been there for years was told it was NOTHING. well getting this second one and being older just kinda of made me scared.yeah i know don't be like that god has power over all but you know you would be the same way .

SO i had a apt last week and they were planning to do a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy .. yeah i wasn't too thrilled Plus i was going to the apt by my self so that even made it more scary ...

Weill they did the mammogram and they told me the Dr wanted to see me....YEP I WAS SCARED TO DEATH at this point and i just kept telling god i am not done being a MOMMY (my kids are my life and reason i live every day ) ...

well doctor tells me to sit down my legs started to shake he starts telling me all this stuff in medical term i am looking at him like he had lost his mind.... so he tells me i will see you in 7yrs and no ultrasound and biopsy WOHOOO awesome but what is the point to all this medical stuff so i walk out with the nurse and she tells me NO CANCER just calcium build up which is from your breast reduction (11yrs ago ) and NO worries you are fine...............i went to my car and CRIED YES I DID i know i should of not worried my self to sickness but i did so i am going to stop worrying so much.


THANK YOU ALL FOR PRAYING and those that didnt know i am sorry i just felt it was best nobody knew until i found out the details and if i had to break news to family i would be first


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