Sunday, February 27, 2011

Part 2 of whats going on with Juliet

Ok so the lump was problem number ONE.. yeah you know how it is when one thing happens something else does too lol

Well i went to doctor in Jan cause i just couldn't stop peeing and having a discomfort so i went thinking i had a kidney infection well it was also time for me to get all my lab work drawn for my gastric surgery (suppose to have it done ever year or so ) . SO i told him i want lab work done plus i have minor dizzy spells pretty often.. SO he did 6 vials of blood YIKES i hate needles ...

well i get a call in 72hrs saying i was positive for LUPUS DISEASE and that i needed to come give more blood so i did 3 more vials get report LUPUS well when i talked to the wacky doc office they said oh no treatment nothing needs to be done ... WELL YOU ALL KNOW THIS SO DIDN'T GO ALONG GREAT WITH ME i was freaking out i have a DISEASE WHAT HOW etc so i cried my eyes out to mom (LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM) i was again thinking of the worst things etc ) started searching online etc .... so finally went to a lupus workshop giving by lupus foundation etc Then talked to my family and decided i would go to a specialist to get this all figured out and plus i am still having the bladder/kidney issue(not sure which is yet)

SO i went last week to the dr and he claims i dont have signs of lupus but i am a CARRIER for lupus he said doesn't mean i wont or will get it right now. SO he wants to follow me and in july (every six months) to do blood work for him etc to see where this goes .. He is referring me to a doctor that does treatment on kidney/bladder to see whats going on with that so i am still not out of the woods completely but i feel REALLY good that things are looking GREAT ...

He mention it could be extra skin that is hanging that is pushing down (WOOHOO if it is know what this means TUMMY TUCK LOLOL) or i have a overactive bladder

SO please still keep me in your prayers i know my god is going to open doors and keep my health perfect

so may 1st i will be walking at the lupus walk i so cant wait never done one before

love always

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