Wednesday, March 16, 2011

spring break

WOW where did spring break go
its already thurs and it seems like we just got off for spring break
We have had a busy week rodeo, shopping, outdoor fun and just enjoying each other. Folks dont forget we arent on this earth for ever .. SO remember tomorrow isnt a promise so make sure your heart is where it should be. and always give your loved ones HUGS and tell them what they mean to ya .

Tomorrow i go to the dr (bladder) i am praying and hoping for ANSWERS tired of running to the bathroom every two minutes(YES on bad days ) . Then i might take kids to the park . What pretty weather we are having here in houston reason to not be indoors.
Friday we are having a yard sale told kids what ever we make they will spilt it so they are getting excited .

Well as you can see i really have nothing certain to chat about cause i cant sleep so i got up and got online lol

so over look the grammer and just enjoy

have a great THURSDAY

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