Friday, March 31, 2006

Hey i think i figured it out lolol this is pretty neat thing i have heard about it but never thought i would sign up and do this how neat .

Well i am cleaning today and waiting to go to post office and bank and krogers (the normal friday duties) I hope you are alll have a great weekend. I dont have much plan except getting my classroom ready for april doesnt feel like i have taught a year yet but i have it and it has been so wonderful . let me brag some here My students are THE BEST did i tell ya THEY ARE THE BEST. I couldnt ask for better kids then the 10 i have. Well i will close now i am just playing to see how all this works but will post over the weekend hope to see some of you post on my blog (please nothing nasty or rude) GOD BLESS lovejuliet


Pam said...

Hey wait a minute! I think you had some pretty good kindergarten kids a few years back *G*. I'm gonna put this link in my faves so I can try and keep up with you hun. Things are crazy with us as usual. Business is dead but real life is keeping me busy. Send all your friends to buy candles, lol. Later!

Love, Pam

Juliet said...

HEY PAM post your link on here i dont mine

Pam said...

Ummm......ok. Not sure if there is a place besides here that I'm supposed to do that. Ok, all Julie's friends...go

Howzat? Hahahaha