Friday, March 31, 2006

waiting argg

dont you just hate waiting on someone i am waiting on schwans guy just because i have to go somewheres he isnt here like normal. well kids are being them selfs so they are both in their room and i just finished washing dishes i wanted to tell yall about there was a student who touched my heart just like his parents he was also in my wedding. Its so great to watch someone grow from small to a big boy that jonathan is he is such a sweetheart. well his mother started making candles the year i was teaching jonathan(RIGHT PAM?) and these candles are so awesome i love them they are basically the only candles i use besides my air freshener machines and plug ins lol. i buy the candle tarts (long story lol i cant buy jar candles ) lol and i put them in the pot and it will smell my house all day long i love them. and i love the fact they are sooooooo strong meaning the smell stays .
Well i am off to watch my all my children soap it kills me i cant watch it much now that i work four days week . Then guess if that schwans man isnt here i will go ahead and leave looks like we will have evening showers arggg . hugs juliet

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Sheila C. King said...

Hey there Jules! Just wanted to drop in and say HELLO! And btw~~ Your not the only one with the BEST CLASS EVER!!! haa haa!