Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tupperware Recipe (chicken)

Ok guys
(bottome picture is what it looked like going in ) then salsa then the cooked chicken then the oval baker i hate blogger the pictures are always mixed up )
I sell Tupperware and they have somthing called Oval Cooker......... if you dont have one you NEED ONE ........ Ok for those that know me i hate .....let me say it again I HATE touching raw meat..........even if it doesnt have legs and feet lol..

SO here it goes

You take a Whole chicken 3-4 lbs clean and wash it (thanks hubby )
Then you stick it in your oval cooker
Put your choice of seasons on it . ( YES SHEILA I TOUCHED THE DEAD THING LOL )
onion(half of one in side and then cut up rest and layed around it )
Rubbed our Tupperware Seasoning on it

Then you put the oval lid on it
and throw that sucker in the microwave and cook it for 35mins
Now my chicken at my show was way smaller maybe a 2-3 lbs chicken and it cooked in 35mins well this one was 5lb chicken so we put it in there for about 45mins

after we eat it tonight i will save rest and make chicken salad like i did last time.

Also i made homemade salsa with the same tupperware seasoning

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