Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You will never be forgotten .........DAD

My heart is heavy but at the same time i know my father is in a better place then we are in . He left this world (march 9Th ) 9 years ago yesterday to be with our savior. I don't think you can ever let it go that your loved one is gone. I miss him more today then i did yesterday . Every day goes by and i wish he could of seen my kids born, me get married, me having wlsurgery. etc the list goes on. But i know though he wasn't here in person i know he was with me threw out my years of life in spirit.

My dad was a hard person to get along with but he was one of the MOST giving person i have ever met. (that's where i get my big heart from ) . My dad was far from being perfect but he had a rough life in his young years and i believe that had to do with how he was as a father and husband . Every one has their problems I know i am not perfect but i know i can learn from my mistakes and keep moving on because my lord will forgive me and help me move on the right way in life.

I LOVE YOU DAD. I miss hearing your cajun music every weekend, miss your cooking, miss your jokes.........the list goes on. I LOVE YOU



Ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY Uncle Clarance

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