Friday, March 20, 2009

Doctor visit

Ok back

Still have a migrane but i think its getting better.

Ok Doctor visit went well. I had to get blood work done again . So i am hoping everything comes out well . I go back on June4

I told the doc how i hate and cant get protein shakes down me. HE said he would rather me eat high protein foods instead of drinking calories that are good and bad. So my intake of protein should be no less then 40 mg up to 60mg a day .

Also my goal is to weigh 140 the doctor said thats too low (i am not listening llalalalal ) lol he said he wants me to get down to 165 that would put me at a 30bmi or less.

According to my weight goal and bmi (24) would be skin and bones because of my height
So i am going to just go with the flow and see where i end up at.

SO last last last call any more guess
I will post in morning

hint two i am close to meeting one of the goals of lost in weight................


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