Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well i did loose a pound (wish it was more after all that walking i did ) lol

So Friday is my day to the doctor........... Remember the contest

It goes like this
How much do you think the doctors scale will say i have lost since my journey began in Dec?

If you are the closest to weight lost on sat morning at 8am Houston time) you just might get a surprise in your mail.

SO WHATS YOUR GUESS (post under this post in comments) .



Mrs. Sheila said...

I guessed the other day at 50 pounds! Can I make another guess? If I can... I will say 60!

GastricGirl said...

My guess will be 38.6 pounds!

Good luck with your doctor's appointment, you're doing great!!

Dawn Kainer said...
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Dawn Kainer said...

My guess will be 70 pounds

Kim H. said...

45 Pounds?