Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturday 3/7/09


I am doing WONDERFUL. I had my grand opening last night for my Tupperware business. I am so grateful for the ones that came and had fun and ate some YUMMY chicken and salsa and potatoes and cake right out of the micro steamer set. I also have two bookings from this party so please say a prayer that my business will keep growing. I am really wanting to help our finances some since Russell's company got a pay cut. Please pray for my new job i will take after May. I will be driving a Bus and i just pray i can drive that big YELLOW THING LOL.

I am doing well on wls (weight surgery) . yesterday i just didn't feel well at all not sure what that was all about. So today i am going to run few errands then come home and enjoy the kids and my clean home and work on my Tupperware stuff .

If you would like to order please let me know .


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