Monday, November 10, 2008

WOW what a week

Hey friends

We are all enjoying the wonderful cool air now with fall here. I hope this finds you all well and happy. I was sick last week with a very bad sinus infection and lost my voice. Boy it was strange not having a voice. Now i went to doctor today with another issue lol i have a infection. I will spare the details but just know its a very discomfort feeling and i hope none of you ever go threw it lol.

Kids are well they are just getting excited about Christmas and Birthdays.
Well the diet is starting (doctors order) and lets just say WOW its going to be a struggle but i will do it . At this point in my life i have NO choice .

So i have been reading alot of blogs lately on diets and menus etc so i thought about sharing with you my details in diet . So my diet has to be 1200 calories and a walk ( no walking next few days though thanks to the rain) and drink nothing but water or sugar free stuff.

So here is my menu

Breakfast egg and piece of lunch meat, or sausage
Lunch Can of soup with 4 strawberries, string cheese
Supper chicken salad and toppings
Dessert 1/3 of gs nuts

Not sure the calories but with the way i feel i really haven't been eating like i should But i think i am in my calories rage . I am learning all this calorie stuff so bare with me.

Ok so keep me in your prayers for my family and me and my health i have to get on track with this diet or i will be dead like most of my family in the pass or will end up having more health issues then i can deal with .


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