Saturday, November 29, 2008

4:09am (YIKES)

OK its sat and i am up very early. I have so much on my brain that i guess i couldnt sleep. This month is going to be like a spinning wheel. Having all theses screens done with in two weeks. Most likely i will be put on protein shakes and water starting around the 8th of the month. So i been asked ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT THIS LIFE CHANGING JOURNEY? Well YES I DO but my question is am i strong enough to handle it ..............OH friends tell me yes i am and i feel i am but it is a emontioal journey. There will be TONS and TOns of things i will never eat again or cant unless i am willing to have DS(dumping sickness this is what they call it in the world of surgery ). WEll i dont like being sick so i will be watching every little thing that goes in my mouth. ALso on having this surgery i will be watching my body's Vitamin intake. Taking vitamins with the outcome of this surgery is a MUST or you can get very sick. YES i am learning how to take HORSE PILL size vitamins and i am on my third day and i am doing pretty well . WEll with that said i am off to take my horse pills and start some laundry . Please pray my ins will approve me SOON LOVE JULIET

Ps OH means friends
DS is DUMPING this is what they call it when you eat the wrong foods and you get very ill for a few hours . JUST one bite can make you very sick if you eat the wrong foods

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