Saturday, October 31, 2009


I hope this finds you all warm . It's pretty chilly out there. Karley has her last game this morning (sorta glad its almost over with too much drama with those parents out there ....think they should do their own game ) . Then i will come home and pick up and get kids ready for trunk and treat. Then come home and throw the candy away lol. (you would too if you saw the dentist bills i got on monday for these kids )

Its going on 11months and i started my journey at 296lbs and now i am down to 177lbs .

Now according to my Doctor he wanted me to stop at 165 so with that said i would only have 12lbs to go but i want to beat that and i want to go down to 140 so i have 37lbs to go i am so excited. I have set me a goal of doing this by Dec 29 so i am hoping with my best friend estban(mentor in support group ) and me working on this i will be able to get it off before then. I just hope i am strong enough with the holidays coming up that i can do this. I have to put my mind to it and pick the right foods and not the wrong. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS I KNOW I CAN I CAN I CAN ICAN >>>>>>>

Ok off here to get ready for game. HOpe you all have a safe Halloween and watch out for the kiddos.


Ps pictures of kids coming soon ............


Running for a Cause said...

Happy Halloween Julie!!

Emmett said...

Congratulations on the incredible weight loss!!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Haven't told you lately how proud I am of you! Keep up the working hard, and you will hit your goals. Keep Del Steyn in your prayes. He had Gastric on Monday ~ come home yesterday. Sore, but seems to be recovering very well.
I know your life is crazy right now, and your going through so many things ~ just know that you and your entire family will always be in my prayers.

Love ya!