Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bailey's is a GRAD

WOW is it already been Five years ? WOW WOW i cant believe it Tomorrow night i will watch my First Born Cross the stage as a PROUD GRAD of Kindergarten . I know its just Kindergarten BUT ITS A MILE STONE he has made. I am so Proud of him . My kids are the WORLD TO ME . HE worked really hard this year (sadly he is having to take summer school for extra credit) BUT HE DID IT . He had a great teacher who is retiring (she was around when i was going to elem school) . She will be very muched missed. I know this year was a learning experience for him as well as me . CONGRATS MY SWEET BOY MOMMY LOVES YOU and will always be there for you .

Well its official i am off for the summer , What am i going to do you must ask lol WEll according to the gas prices i will be spending ALOT of time at home with kids , cleaning, and working on lessons. I refuss to give my money to the gas prices lol . I will also be working on my diet.

Well my goal is to keep this updated better then i have done in the past.




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Michael said...

Hey thats great, congrats.
My Erin will be going to Pre K next year,
I can not believe that she is 4 now and Brooklyn is 8 mth today.
hey be good and email when you can