Monday, May 28, 2007

savings for week one (june )

of my goal for the month of june since friday is the first and i only shop on monday or tues i will consider this my first week
total both trips to krogers125.00 coupons and deals 69.00 total i paid was 54.00
i got
8 rolls of owens sasuage rolls1 free razor solei FREE
2 packages of starburst FREE
6 boxes of betty crocker potato mixes FREE
6 boxes of betty crocker suddely salad FREE (the ranch and bacon is SOOOOO GOOD)
3 boes of pilsbury brownie mix FREE 4 boxes of Post cereal for .50cents a boxk and you get 4.00 off at the register if you buy four
Pluse they had cooking oil on clarance for 2.39 on the bottles they had coupons for .50cents off so that doubles so i only paid 1.39 for a good size pure vegg oil .
OH and they had two baskets of floral stuff on clarance i found this cute sunflower decor for 2.00 ITS CUTEEEEEEEEEE ALL the items above were bought with coupons Just wanted to share Juliet

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