Friday, March 09, 2007

Dear Dad who is very much MISSED

Today is eight years WOW how time goes by . I remember when you told me you would never walk me down the church for marriage I remember how you had a sense of humor I remember how goofy you were I remember how you was a such a BIG giver (gee wonder why i am always giving lol) I remember you showing me how to cook (god help ya lol) I remember How much you loved gardening . I remember HOW MUCH YOU LOVED YOUR FRENCH MUSIC OH WOW how i missed waking up on sunday morning to cajun music in the air .

I can only remember about the pass but i can only hope to see the future one day when he opens those gates and we are back together. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE.

Dad you were my hero and always will be I have so many traits from you that i hope my kids will learn one day . I hope you are having a good ole time in heaven i can only imagine.

Well i was going to make this long and sweet But i know if i keep going i wont be able to see with all the tears. I LOVE YOU DADDY GIve pawpaw a hug

Now for those that are reading this i know you might not understand this blog but it helps me mentally and emotional My father was EVERYTHING to me NO matter what your realtionship is with your parent or parents ALWAYS know they are there FOR YOU and they will ALWAYS will be your parents threw thick andd thin.




Anonymous said...

Haa haa! You can't complain about my lack of posting GUILTLESSLY... until you blog again!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Haa haa!! I updated before you!