Monday, June 26, 2006


wow its been a few days since i posted so much has happen so where do i start well we are doing well houston had alot of rain a few days ago and at 3am i am walking in knee deep water to get into my mothers truck to get out of the flood 3 hrs later looked like it NEVER rain ........gotta to love houston Well my sister came in and so we have been to kemah , zoo, and see the movie cars it was a truly cute movie and it was also Bailey's First trip to the movies so it was neat and he was a big boy and loved the show. Well russell will be coming home on 3rd or 4th (depends on when dave's sends him home to me hahahahah ) russell's dad will be having surgery on his back (suppose to be minor) but anytime you have to go under the knife its always important . then he will return to work . I been taking bailey to the community center in crosby they have a small kids program we also joined two groups on yahoo (baytown play group and crosby) so that helps kids to get to know other kids and me to have sanity with other women and have women talk lolol Well july isnt as full as june was I have work training coming up so thats about all and getting ready to put bailey in school so i hope you all have a great july and HAPPY FOUTH and please be safe hugs juliet (please keep ralph in your prayers next week and us as we travel to and from )

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