Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Heavy Heart

You know you never know when its going to be your time to leave this earth. Every day i tell my family and kids how much they are loved by me. If anything if i ever had to leave this earth at least they would know how much i love them.

I have lost a loved one this week She was too young to go and leaves behind a 4yrold child. But the the worest part is On monday i drove by in the bus with lots of high school kids by the wreck site and i told them someone just lost a loved one............Never in my life would of i thought it would be someone who i babysat or lived across the street nor a family member. Then i get to work and find out it was my own . A long distance cousin . So now i will have to face that wreck site every day and think what a sweet girl the lord has taken to be with him .

Please pray for the Grimes family during this time of lost. And the child who will have to grow up with out a mother in site but a mother in her heart that she loved so much . (she wasnt a teenager but due to her diabetes she was a small girl and went into a diabetic shock coma before she wrecked )



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