Wednesday, August 01, 2012

menu for week of aug 6-11 enjoy

Hey yall

Here is my menu for august 6-11 I have decided i want to be more orangized in my family life and by doing this it teaches both kids many skills as well. So here is the menu i have came up with for next week. I am doing this one very early since this is my first week of planning so this week this weekend i can go and buy all the things for the weekly food menu..

Take note there are only three of us at home right now and i am not working right now so once school starts i am hoping to start doing meals that i can freeze as well .



b pancakes and eggs

l sandwhiches and chips and fruit

d pot roast and veggies and garlic bread


b grilled cheese

l leftovers or popcorn (homemade)

d chicken tortilla casserole


b boiled eggs and fruit

l leftovers or popcorn

d chicken and rice in crockpot salad


b poptarts and fruit

l burger day (library day so we will grab a burger while we are out )

d lefter over day (or soup and salad


b eggs and sasauge

l chicken and rice leftovers

d goulash bread and veggies


b cereal and fruit

l pizza or leftovers

d chicken stir fry and salad


b bacon / eggs

l pantry day (what ever you find you can have day lol)

d sloppy joes fries and veggies

I will be putting this on the ice box so the family can see what they are having for meals...if they dont like it OH WELL lolol....

I am also planning to do menus on a budget but since this is my first week i am going to see how it goes first...

I hope this all helps or guides yall in your family kitchen


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Mrs. Sheila said...

LOVE menu planning!!! You should check out I'm an organized junkie at for her Menu Plan Monday!