Friday, July 07, 2006

its offical

well its offical I have just put baileys school stuff on layway Gosh it was just yesterday (feels like) he was born. The time flys fast I still remember the day i called russell and said i have pain what is it lol (first child OK LOL) and russell was way out in the country delivery for sysco and he said i am on my way 45mins later we are at hostipal with the family with mom on phone BEGGING HER TO BE THERE but she couldnt and they get me all ready and nothing well nurse comes in (who was skinny but pg she was due any day too ) and moves me by her self and then when she checked me she broke my water on accident so then next day (day after valentines) bailey was born but the best surprise beside having bailey born was my aunt and uncle from lake charles drove alllllllllllllllll the way to houston and picked up mom and brought her to me and when that hostipal door open i thought was about to die (love ya uncle ernest RIP ) So now its five years later and i cant believe i got teared up (no i didnt cry lol) over buying school supplies for him YIKES nobody told me mother hood would be like this.. WEll i am taking it easy this week nothing exciting that will be going on . Hope you all have a great day and weekend love juliet

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