Saturday, August 19, 2006


hey there well its been a long week but i have made it threw it even when i was sick this week. Yes i got sick while i was in training at work . But thanks for all the prayers i made it threw it Bailey got some of it but i am staying on top of it so i pray he doesn't miss any school our goal for the year is NO missed days YAYAYYA. Well i still haven't heard from Dave i pray he is doing OK and he comes back to work SOON (DAVE WE MISS YOU ) . Well i met my students and they are very sweet and loving so i think and pray we will have one great year. I am going to focus on my room and stay with my students and teach them every thing that they are willing to learn . I have a nice co worker teacher so i know we will do great this year. Russell will be coming home for labor day weekend so we will probably go visit his Daddy and my Uncle and family . I hope everyone has a safe Holiday then too. Well i will close for now Keep your chins up and remember God is there . love Juliet <<<<<>

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