Thursday, August 24, 2006

keep prayers for a special uncle

I come to you tonight with a heavy heart I have a wonderful special uncle to me (only male i am close to on my dad's side ) and he is having health issues and its just stable but doesn't look good according to a email i received from my aunt and its just killing me inside i wish i was rich i would move asap just to be closer to him right now . He is so sweet and loving and would do anything for anyone. He is the only family member (and aunt) that remember my birthday and send me a card . Every year i look forward to it because i know i will get something in the mail . I pray we get to see each other next weekend i plan on going to see him . I know that we have to leave this earth one day but dang it why does it have to happen to the ones we love ( i know i am not making sense but as i said i am hurting ) I am typing this in tears my family means the world to me and its only been 7 years since dad and grandfather died and it feels like yesterday I HATE FUNERALS i know you suppose to rejoice because our love ones are going to a better place but it still HURTS SO i come to the lord today and PRAY that the doctors will find something to help my uncle have more time ON EARTH i am not ready to see him leave i love him so much its going to kill me inside My aunt just told me the other day how much uncle loves our chats we do (he got a cell phone past year so we call every other day or so ) and i enjoy them wish i could hug him every day so he would know how much i love him . Lord i come to you tonight i ask that you put strength in uncle and that you give him faith and hope in his life and that you unblock the valves and that you make him healthier and that you give him a vision of hope and that his medicines work better so he wont get these issues he had this weekend while at home . Lord i ask you help us threw this and that uncle will be around for many more years. God i know you have you reasons to take us off this earth but sometimes its still hard to understand why. Lord i ask that your angels are placed over our family and others families of ill ones and that you bless them inside and out amen .

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Sheila said...

Praying for a quick recovery, and God's will in this situation. May you stay safe while you travel, and your visit be fruitful.