Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Labor Day friends

WOW what a week God couldn't of been any better for me and my family . We have some things come up that we are being blessed. God knows what they are BUT WOW HE IS GREAT I hope everyone is being blessed this weekend and everyone is being safe on this Holiday weekend. A little update on Dave he did have a stroke and he is getting treatment so i ask everyone please take time to pray for him he is a great guy and still very young and i hope he can come back to work soon . I am having a great weekend i went to whole foods and then came home and cleaned house i been reading on this group i joined and its teaching a lot of home making things so i am excited ........i sorta think its changed my attitude as well . I am feeling more positive towards house work and learning just because its just me and kids i can still cook for us and it be healthy . (which i do cook for us before joinin ggroup but the throw together stuff and not fresh and homemade kwim lol) OK i think i have con fussed yall now lolol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Well i had some what a meltdown over my classroom but i handed it over God and i talked to my Director and we are going to make a great year if it drains me to death lol but i have a great co teacher and we are going to work on some stuff to help with the big difference in the class room (different ages) and i am praying it will help . I know my god wont let me down he has never before so i know i can put it in his hands and he will take care of a great school year for me and all my other great wonderful co workers in their classrooms . .............................................. Dear Dave I pray you get strength and faith on fighting on your recovery and that you come back to work SOONNNNNNNN.........boy do they need you Russell sure does miss ya . ............................ I am still learning how to do this blog thing why wont it let me do sections thats why i am doing those long dots because for some reason it wont let me make sections .............................. closeing with a prayer ................................... Dear GOd i come to you this morning as I am listening to your music of love etc on tv I Learn so much threw songs and I have learned to love and cherish you so much that i couldnt imagine to live a day with out you . Lord i ask for traveling prayers over russell and anyone that is traveling this weekend . Lord i pray that you bless each and every student and teacher at work Lord give the teachers a vision on how to deal with the children that need extra love and direction in life . Lord thank you for giving me a job that has such postive women to work with . Lord i ask you to watch over Mrs glynis as she goes next week for her doc appt i ask that you be with her and help her threw this time . I pray for Sandi that she has a great year . I pray for Heather as well that she enjoys her first year of teaching . I pray for Lydia and Beth for their classroom and that they fill those kids up with love and care and the kids learn a lot from some great teachers, I pray for sheila nikki and dorla i ask that you give them a vision and watch over them in their class and you give them strength and faith to make it threw the day (LOVE YA SHEILA i know you are reading this lol) Lord i ask that you watch over Connie as you makes this year the best . She has alot on her plate and i ask that you make it smooth for her . LORD thank you for giving me great friends to work with and help me be a better person I have been seeking you alot lately and you konw that god and i can feel it i can feel the postive i can feel the strength the love faith and lord i know its FROM YOU i love you ..................last but not least please pray for my aunt ellen that she recoverys fast from her surgery tomorrow i ask that uncle will be able to help as well and i ask you that your angels watch over them both Lord you know i was suppose to be at church today but you know what happen but i have been talking to you about finding a church and i think you have sent me to the right one So i pray for a great visit and that the kids will love your church you have sent me to . Lord i ask that those folks will accept us and we can fit in with no problems. Lord thank you for finding me a church i feel like will be home. THANK YOU LORD

GOD I LOVE YOU and thank you for blessing me
love juliet amen

Ps I hope you all have a GREAT WEEK

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Mrs. Sheila said...

Beautiful Prayer my dear friend Jules. Praying that as you seek a church home, that the right doors do open, and open widely with love. I pray that God's love surround you and your family every day of your life. Seek his wisdom as you have, and allow him to move! Finding the right church can be difficult as I know. I have been blessed by attending various ones, but when it is right you will know!I am here if you ever need someone to pray with!

Have a blessed weekend! See you on Tuesday!