Friday, September 15, 2006


Well just wanted to say hi Its been one long week but Thanks god its over and now i can do somethings on the weekend. I cant wait to go back to church on Sunday i am wanting to chat with some leaders on activities for bailey . Karley is doing amazing well in class (even though some think its not good for mommy to be her teacher) but i don't treat her as a mommy daughter type thing and i think that's a BIG PLUS she is just like any other kid in that class room

Bailey is doing GREAT in class so much for being told he needs this and that to do good ................... I am sooooooooo thankful i was able to pick a teacher who has a heart and cares for her kids and is there for teaching and not gossip. IT makes a BIG difference in a child's education .

Russell is out on the road please keep him in your prayers he had some down times this week but sounds better now so i pray god be with him .

I have a friend who is dear to me who truly can use some prayers. He is having a rough time ............. in the subject called LIFE and he stoped church so i am trying to get him to come to mine so please keep him in your prayers

Well i am off Tomorrow i am spending some time with kids and doing kids stuff house is totally done except washing clothes but i do that on weekends any ways .


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