Friday, January 19, 2007


YEP i said that big word that everyone tries really hard but some times it doesnt happen.

Well i have a goal IF I DONT NEED IT WE ARENT BUYING IT. And i am doing well at that this month . I am not sure if i am saving alot but my bills are getting paid so i must some way right. I have cut back on grocery shopping not many sweets just lots of good stuff. The things i buy make me cooke most nights not sure if that is good lolol but hey i am trying that counts right. lol

Well i hope everyone made it threw the icy weather last week . May we look forward to a better week and keep our close ones warm and safe. Remember set a small goal for your self each week and work towards it i know me working on saving is helping me mentally and check book wise. Savings is a hard thing to do but once you practice it and do it and make that savings goal you feel better i know i do .

well done rambling chat soon



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