Sunday, July 05, 2009

Transformation ......... Are you Transformed????

I got to start off to say I go to the coolest church ever. I still don't know everyone but the ones I know I have know for a while. My pastor is doing lessons on TRANSFORMATION. Well today i learned something about my pastor i never knew. In a 3-5 minute length of a song he created this unbelievable picture (see pictures below) .... all i could say was WOW. This is a man who was my pastor at church camp (back in the days we wont ask how long ago lolol) and i never knew he had this awesome talent. I know you are probably going to say anyone can paint or draw and that's true but this was too amazing to me to not share. And its not ever day you can find a guy with this much love paint a picture of our JESUS........ Enjoy (love ya pastor )


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Wow, what an amazing paiting!!

Emmett said...

I have soo many mixed feelings about church, but you do meet some great people at church. Good morals.