Friday, December 11, 2009

Looking Back

Looking back a year ago this month i couldn't(or had trouble ) etc

Breath well
had trouble walking a long distance
always eating
always making excuses for eating this and that
wore big clothes so the fat wouldn't show
couldn't run with out feeling like i was dieing
i couldn't sit on the floor with legs folded without hurting
never found big enough clothes to cover my body
i ate non healthy foods
I always looked down on the skinny folks
I was shame on how i looked and never did anything about it
i hated going out with groups of people
I never bettered my self because i didn't feel good about my self etc
and the list goes on

ALL BECAUSE of WEIGHT ..........


I can breath GREAT
I talk to more folks now
I wear clothes i like and they are small clothes
I eat healthier
I stop when i am full (which isn't much 0
I am working my new stomach
I enjoy running with bailey and karley
I walk now with out hurting
I don't drink the UN healthy stuff
I don't (still in progress working on ) eat bad foods
I have lost 123lbs and still loosing (wouldprobaly be at my goal but like i said i am NOT perfect )

I feel like i have a new beginning in life. I know i will have a better life due to my surgery .

This month will be a year (DEC29) since surgery

Doctor wants me down to 165 ( 8lbs away to that goal)
I want to get down to 140is (about 35lbs to my goal)
I am standing at 173
I started at 296

SO i guess i can brag and say i did A AWESOME JOB


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