Tuesday, March 08, 2011

12yrs march 9th, 2011

Just something i wanted to write and get off my chest I hope you all love your loved ones every day cause tomorrow is NEVER a promise neither is a second.....


Its been 12yrs tomorrow that you left this earth. I miss you every day. Wish i could of had one more hug one more kiss.... But i cant i can only hang on to the 21yrs of wonderful memories you left with me and my heart. I wish you could see your awesome grandchildren. They ask about you from time to time and its so hard to know they will never know you until they get up there in heaven with you and grand paw. I know with everything that has went on in my life good and bad you have watched over me from up above and i know with your love in my heart its what keeps me going in the rough times.As i sit here i am flooded in tears i miss you so much.
I know you were a stubborn man and sometimes didn't have a big heart on some issues. But deep down you ARE my father and was the best father you could and was to me and the family . Nobody is perfect we all have our ups and downs we must do the best to be the best we can with what we have. We weren't rich in money or material things back in the days but we were very RICH in love, and family and that's all we ever need in life. I LOVE YOU so much and i know one day when god is ready for me i will see you ... until then i hope you died knowing how much you met to me and how much I LOVE YOU even during the very ROUGH things i went threw and we went threw as a family ......


love your baby girl

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Lisa said...

so sorry for your loss