Monday, May 08, 2006

4 days until

WOW its actually been 5years since bailey has been born, well a little over five but my baby boy is graudating from preschool . Time sure does fly by . I remeber being pregant with him and i knew when i got pg that it was a boy just like i knew i was going to have a girl . My dream was always to have a boy and then a girl (boy watch over girl ) . I named bailey after my father billy (rip). He will start public school in august am i ready for him to venture off to higher things...... of course not most moms would want them to stay young for ever but i know he needs to move up . Thurs night is graudation i cant wait i know its only preschoool but how many times is your child going to graduate from preschool its kinda like a mile stone he is crossing over. He wanted to be a cowboy so i made his wish and got him belt, jeans, shirt ,boots but now he wants a cowboy hat lolol kids they just keep wanting lol

Well karley will be dressed up in john deere overalls that night i had a store special make her outfit. SO i will have two country kids that night.
And of course i will have LOTS of pictures i plan taking lots of them i have a dear friend who will be letting me use his camera .

WEll its 4am i have been up since 2.30am arggg so if there are any Major typos (which i am sure are ) please over look them .

I didnt do much over weekend except clean house and spend time with kids. I clean both of their rooms and they were happy kids.
Well russell will miss graduation he isnt happy and he is so badly wanting to be here thurs night so keep him in your prayers i know its hard on him that his kids are growing up and he is never here but he knows he has to support his family sometimes wish his job was local (was but thats another story . got to love companies and their stupid ways ) WEll i am going to close before i go falling asleep typing

you all have a great week


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