Wednesday, May 17, 2006


wow is it really the last two days of school year. Wow where did the time go. I am excited but sad that not all my students will return to me next year i will see them but not in same room. I will miss them (all 7 of them ) . But i know they must move on Just like Bailey he has to move up Makes me think this is a Milestone for Bailey as well . It feels just like yesterday i stood in the kitchen crying because i was Pg and russell looking at me like he lost his head. Think we were both in shock then we give birth and five years later it still seems like yesterday we gave birth. How time flies when you are enjoying it . Bailey was so excited when i told him he can wear blue jeans in his new school(this is like the best part of his new school so far he is a blue jean kid ) and honestly i am glad i dont like the uniforms at all. I think since we pay taxes we should be able to send our children in what ever we want ok i will get off my soap box. Well i will close karley decide at 3am she would wake up and chat and she has YET to go back to bed ........... got to love those kids right lol


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