Tuesday, May 02, 2006


hope you all are doing well. i am doing great kids are fine they are excited school is almost out YAYAYAY. I am not much on writing my life history so this is kinda of hard for me to write on a blog. But i thought it would be neat so if you dont see me post for a a few days you will know why lolol
Well today i start back to being by my self in my class which i am ok with i am so use to it by now. Pray for my helper she is lots of pain .
I also lost two kids so i am back to eight sweet little kids. and i am sure going to miss them and their parents You are with these kids for 9months and feels like they are your own. They all bring something to the class room . Kathryn , Sara, Dayna, Michael, Marc, Carter, Brice, Dakota . LOVE YOU KIDS SO MUCH

WEll i am off i have one screaming because he has to brush his teeth wish i had something that easy to scream about .

Yall have a great day


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