Friday, February 27, 2009


WOW i got so much to share with yall . But just dont have time.
But i wanted to share a few things realllly quick .

When i got engaged my ring he bought me NEVER fitted. We never got it sized etc. WELL GUESS WHAT IT FITS i am so tickled I LOVE jewelry .

Also a Few other things

I am in a 2x now (one shirt size down)
I am 5 waist sizes down (32w to 24w)

I am still wearing all my old clothes but they are loose and i would say another 20lbs or so and i will need to buy new jeans lol.

Off to wake up kids and get ready


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Danielle said...

Okay, so I'm a little behind in the blog world...but CONGRATS! I'm so excited for you and the successes you've had!