Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IF i see one more holiday item i will

SCREAM................. Valentine's is so hard for me.

I am home today with karley who had 102 fever this morning but we got home and got meds down and you would never know she had fever arggg kids.

So i am spring cleaning i redid my stockpile stuff in the wash room , cleaned out the pantry .

Now in my room cleaning (GROSS LOL) i want to change it but living in this home is just about impossible .

I am just in a grumpy mood this week. I have a few things on my mind but sometimes it doesnt pay to express them nobody would understand.........and yes my wls has some what to do with it .

Well i am ok as for as the dieting and surgery stuff going. I still am never hungry i some times have to make my self eat. I get tired of eating the same things over.

Well thats about all off to write a friend and get the letter in the mail soon.


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