Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ok second post this morning.

My goals
So i been thinking of goals for a while . Some folks do goals so they can work harder towards them to receive their goal reward.

So here are mine

CHECKED This has been DONE
loose 30lbs (one pound to go ) i want to get new bedding and pillows for my bed (wont be until next month but i am looking for colors etc now)

(almost there can you guess how far i am from it )
30lbs and i will treat my self to a girls days. (which i think my mom has plan for spring break )

When i loose 96.6 lbs i will be at 200
So when i get to 200

I would like to buy NEW clothes and bras lol (yes i said bras lol)

THEN for the BIG ONE when i loose the last 60lbs (i would be at 140then)

I would love to go to the beach with kids and spend the weekend out in the sun and enjoying the nature

OK so i am getting there just hard at times. Enjoy your day off to work i shall go Juliet

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