Tuesday, February 03, 2009

just me

NOt much to post. Just tired of choas etc. I just wish people would LISTEN to your concerns and not brush them off or make excusses. WHen you try to talk to someone about the issue ...... you wonder if they are even caring to listen the way they answer you back.. Guess i am not in the CLICK i am going to just stay to myself and hope for better things to come. . I am just in one of my moods i guess. Scale isnt moving ( its moving just not fast enough) , still having issues with foods and now i just dont want to eat i look at food and it just gags me. I pack my lunch i open it and i just get this sick feeling...............Gosh when will the mental thing ever stop .

Ok off to finish washing ....... think i am going to read some tonight and maybe it will put me in a better mood.........


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Mrs. Sheila said...

Well, I can't tell you when the "mental thing will end" because when I get over something, another thing arises. THAT is where I am at this very moment. I can't even begin to explain the sanity, or should I say the "insanity" that I live in.