Sunday, February 15, 2009


Its been 8 years since i gave Birth to my First born. I still remember that day like if it happen today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAILEY

Well i am doing ok .Today and this weekend i don't know its been kinda of hard for me. I am missing my Dad alot . I don't know if its because of valentines or because he was never there to see my son born. I also think it has to do with my weight lost. IF he had taken care of his self better he would probably be here today. (though heart issues run in the corbello family ). I know he would be proud of me if he was alive with my weight lost choice. Some folks like to judge people who consider doing the Weight lost surgery ........ they say its the easy way out.........BUT ITS NOT. We struggle more now then when we were fat and barley moving.

I am doing well I had a very bad case of vomiting yesterday but i think it had to do with what i tried to eat. So yesterday i probably didn't even eat two bites all day .

But i am doing vitamins today, water and soup . I am loving the new me.

I am starting a contest. On March 20Th (the day i go to the doctor) if you can guess how much i weigh (doctors scale) you will get a 25.00 surprise in your mail.

SO be watching .

OK off to finish file cabinet cleaning (never knew it held that much stuff)

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