Saturday, April 11, 2009


Wow i have tons to chat about but not enough time to .

so here is a few things

1. HE IS RISEN .........

2. I have had a sore throat for last few days and it seems to be getting worst so please pray that it goes way .

3. The children's father came home (unexpected work related) so the kids got to spend lots of time with him and me. The bunny came on Friday night here .

4. My weekend is going great got a bill changed so hoping it will save on money. .. I have been cutting back on alot of things and bills are the first thing to go lol.

5. WE had Easter dinner early since russ was home at my mom's it was so much fun. Then mom and me went to walmart . Its so fun to just have those few mins with your mom no matter where it is .

6. Monday i am taking my test for CDL please say a small prayer i pass it .

7. I only have 6 weeks left of teaching . I a sad but happy at the same time. I love teaching and wish i could do it more but after 15 years the money just isn't there for me to help on my part of the bills so i must move on to something that is full time and more money. I will miss my co workers - friends but its something that has to be done. I know the lord will bless me and my family in this transition .

8. My labs came back low on Vitamin D (already bought some extra to take) good on iron and high on something that helps my liver function but been told this is normal so we will see

9 WOW lot above well you all have a great day . I am off to baby this throat (if there is such a thing lol) .


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