Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well just stoping by to say HI. Not much to chat about. So i will share some things that i can DO or is happening to me now that didnt 4months ago.

Cross my legs
bend over and touch toes
fit in those darn white yard chairs
tons of energy
tons of comments i get daily (when you fat you dont never hear anything postive ) now sometimes i am like just shut up lolol THOUGH i am eating it up when someone tells me i look great ................THANKS it helps me alot keeps me going on

I have shorts that i kept for years that i never could wear they are too loose .

I have more friends now then i have ever before.
I am very much more active in things and outdoors now too
I am eating healthier then ever before.
Foods i ate all my life now dont sound good to me or taste bad now. (guess your taste buds change)

WEll i will post more tomorrow i got to pack lunches
have a great day

ps i am having major keyboard issues so if you see bad typos you will know why i got to go get a new board

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