Sunday, April 12, 2009


I was told today that it would of been my PawPaw's 97th Birthday today. My grandfather passed at age 87 (then two months later my father ). You dont realize how much those people have impacted your life until they are gone.

I find my self sometimes doing things that my grandfather and father did rather its cooking, gardening (my new thing in life ), talking, or even thinking or watching tv.

My grandfather didnt know a stranger (just like my father or me at that ) . He was liked by everyone. HE LOVED to jigger bug (its cajun dancing) but in his own way so of course it was funny to watch him. The man had a green thumb out of this world. HE loved to be out in the sun gardening . He was in the war and served in WW2. There will never be enough words to express what that man MET to me.
I LOVE YOU PAWPAW and one day i will see you and dad in heaven. .........LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS

PS if you havent told your love ones how much they mean to you DO IT you never know when its your time or theirs...........


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Mrs. Sheila said...

Goood memories you have of your family. Do you mean jitterbugg? How fun!!

Have a blessed Monday!